This page contains Faculty of Education forms for undergraduate students. 

Our forms have changed! Some forms have been converted from PDF to Google Forms and can now be filled in and submitted online. 

If you wish to email any of our PDF forms to Undergraduate Student Services, please fill in the appropriate form, save it to your computer, and attach the saved copy to an email and send to 

Printed and filled out PDF forms can be dropped off in person at the Undergraduate Student Services office located on the main floor at 1-107 Education Centre North. Our office is open from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

  • Graduation Check and Graduation Information
    As soon as you have registered in your final degree requirements on Bear Tracks, submit a Graduation Check to confirm that you are on track to graduate. At the same time, apply for graduation on Bear Tracks. If you are not able to apply for graduation on Bear Tracks, a Student Advisor will apply on your behalf when you submit a Graduation Check.

  • Registration Check
    If you want a Student Advisor to check your registration to ensure that your course selections are accurate and you are on track with your program, submit a request for a Registration Check.

  • Course Overload Request - Spring/Summer
  • Course Overload Request - Fall/Winter
    If you want to take more than *15 credits in the Fall or Winter terms or more than *6 credits in the Spring or Summer terms, submit a request for a Course Overload.

  • Change of Major/Minor
    Students in Secondary are allowed to change their major and/or minor once every 12 months.

  • Letter of Permission Request
    If you want to take a course at another institution while in the Faculty of Education, you must obtain permission from Undergraduate Student Services prior to registration. Your request will be reviewed by a Student Advisor once you submit a request for a Letter of Permission.

  • Request to Pause Program
    If you want to take a break from your program for a period of 12 months and reserve your spot in the program, submit a request to pause your program.

  • Credit Check
    If you completed a course that fulfills a degree requirement and would like credit for the course, submit a Credit Check. Your request will be reviewed by a Student Advisor provided we have a copy of your transcript.

  • Final Deferred Exams
    If you are not able to write your final exam as scheduled, submit a request for a deferred final exam. Excused absences are not granted automatically and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You must provide adequate documentation to support your request. If you have any questions please email

    Please note that service requests will only be processed once the appropriate request form and any additionally required documentation is submitted to Undergraduate Student Services.

  • Registrar's Office Forms

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